The Fall Line

"Detroit's Unidentified Dead: Operation UNITED"
Hosts: Laurah Norton & Brooke Hargrove

Forensic Anthropology Companion Podcast

"Forensic Anthropology Companion Podcast Episode 7: Vol. 2. No. 1 - Micayla Spiros on the Standardization of Postcranial Nonmetric Traits"
Host: Dr. Mike Kenyhercz

The Sci-Files

"Amber, Kelly, Micayla – Talking with Skeletons"
Hosts: Chelsie Boodoo & Daniel Puentes

MSUFAL PhD Student Spotlight

Authored by Rhian Dunn

“Get involved and explore your interests. Even if your interests are tangential to what you think you want to research, do it! Interdisciplinary work is so key to research and it is amazing what theories and methods we have yet to explore within our field. Talk to your professors and ask to get involved in lab work, research, or teaching opportunities.”